Tarun Hangers Green

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  1. Easy to Handle
  2. Light Weighted & Strong
  3. Durable and Reliable
  4. Smooth Edge
  5. Perfect Finishing
  6. Space-Saving Flat Body

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Item Details

Tarun hangers comes with a superior quality product.  This brand provides ultimate quality hangers. 

This hanger set will be a handy addition to your wardrobe for sure!

Deluxe plastic hanger includes 12 pcs in a set and have variety of colours for your wardrobe to look more classy.

These cloth hangers are Made from 110%  Plastic.

Hangers are Easy to handle, light weighted, Strong, durable and reliable.

These Lovely  hangers has smooth edge and Perfect finishing.

These smart designed plastic hangers feature a space-saving flat body. Now you can keep more clothes in the same wardrobe.

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